Our Brands

In a world of mass production and cheap labour we seem to be awash with thousands of different products in every area of our lives. The yoga market is no different. In fact, while shopping in a supermarket recently we even saw yoga mats being sold for £2.99! I bought one just to have a look and when they say 'you get what you pay for' they're correct!

When we set up urbanyoga we had one simple goal in mind: 'find the very best yoga products available from around the world and bring them together in one place'. We wanted to work with manufacturers that produced outstanding yoga products that performed well, were built to last, looked good, and of course did their bit for the environment too! Was this too much to ask? For some it was! There's lot of poor products out there that just didn't 'cut the mustard'. We've tried them! Not only that, but as the yoga market expands there been a whole plethora of copycat / imitation / replica products coming onto the market and compared to the original products they copy, most just fail to deliver. They may look similar, but I assure you that is where the similarity ends. We only sell the very best. The ORIGINAL Products. Yes, the best cost's a little more than some other similar products but it's worth it.

All yoga mats aren't the same! All skidless towels are different! Some water bottles aren't quite as eco as the manufacturers will have you believe. So how can consumers make an informed choice and ensure they get the best product? Answer: buy your products from urbanyoga! We've done the research so you don't have to!

We don't want to stock thousands of products because we really haven't seen thousands of good ones (and if we don't believe in it, we certainly aren't going to sell it!!) What we can say, is that the brands we work with can really deliver products that enhance your practice, whatever from of yoga you do. Whether it's skidless towels or professional grade mats, we have it, and if you buy it, we think you'll love it!