Eco-Conscious Retailing


YOGA REBEL is passionate about the environment and sustainability. We’re not tree huggers or environmental extremists, but we do think there’s lots of things we can all do to help us live happier, healthier lives as well as protecting our planet for future generations.

Clearly as a business we purchase many products and services and use electricity/water/gas etc. But on choosing who we use for such things we looked closely about how these services and products impacted on the environment and then made our selection. We can’t avoid using delivery vans to receive and deliver our orders, but we can choose to use a delivery company that minimises its impact as much as possible (and in our case we use one that offsets its entire carbon footprint!)

It goes without saying that many eco choices can be more expensive financially, but we think that this is a small additional price to pay for peace of mind of having a lower carbon footprint and minimise any negative environmental impact.

Here’s some of the little things we do to make things better:

We actively seek out and stock brands who produce products ethically and in environmentally safe ways. We want to stock products that stay clear of harmful toxins, heavy metals, chemicals and Dye’s that are bad for us and the planet. Many of the brands we stock have achieved OEKO-TEX 100 Certification which is the highest global standard for testing products for harmful substances not just in the product itself but also in the production process.

Our courier company Interlink (part of DPD/GeoPost Group) ensures that every single item we send is carbon neutral through its TOTAL ZERO programme.

We actively recycle all our rubbish and we also re-use the boxes and packaging (where possible) from our orders from suppliers which helps reduce the amount of paper/cardboard that we need to buy and therefore reduces the need to chop down trees around the world.

Millions of plastic mailing bags are used to package and send out online orders every month by online companies across world and this amounts to a lot of bad plastic for our planet. At urbanyoga we pay a little more to buy 100% Bio-Degradable mailing bags that will not harm our beautiful planet or fill up land fill sites.

Where appropriate we also use fully sustainably sourced recyclable paper to wrap and dispatch our orders.

Sometimes it can also be the (very) little things that also help and if we were to all do them, they’d turn into much bigger things with a far greater impact!

- Our computer keyboards are solar powered!
- Our Calculators are Solar Powered
- Staff use Klean Kanteen Stainless Steel water bottles and water from the tap (whenever possible) to help reduce the amount of plastic bottles we use that have a devastating effect on the environment. 

But this isn't the end! Moving forward we have made a commitment to regularly review our processes and those of our suppliers to ensure we as a business and our staff all do as much as reasonably possible to reduce any negative impact we have. If you think there are areas we can improve on or things we should consider then please let us know!