About us

Launched in 2010 YOGA REBEL® has quickly established itself as Europe's Premier Yoga Clothing Store. Our decision to only stock quality yoga products and clothing that not only performed best in class, but also looked great too, has earned us a loyal following of funky cool yogis across the globe!

You've probably noticed we're a little different from some of the other yoga websites about! That's good, because we want to be different. Not just for the sake of it, but because as yogis ourselves, we were becoming very tired of the 'traditional' style yoga websites selling us all sorts of 'stuff' and presenting it in a way that just wasn't very appealing! O.K, maybe we're being a bit tough on our retail friends, but the fact is, yoga is one of the fastest growing forms of exercise across Europe and it's practised by lots of cool, funky, open-minded individuals that in a lot of cases, are used to buying products from, and shopping in, like-minded places.

No more weird videos, fisherman's pants, joss sticks and 'tie-dye' tops! Just great, modern, contemporary, super cool yoga products sourced from the U.K and around the World and sold at a price that's great too! It's about quality rather than quantity. We don't stock 3,000 items because there aren't 3,000 great yoga items out there. Trust us we've looked. What we do stock however are products we believe in and we know work and will make your whole yoga experience a better one. 

So from now on when you want great yoga gear you wont have to visit 5 different web sites and import stuff yourself from 4 corners of the World as it's all here at YOGA REBEL®

We are however always on the look out for new products too so if you've tried something and you can recommend it, let us know and we'll have a look. Just e-mail us at info@yogarebel.com or drop us a line on our social network sites like Facebook or twitter. Who knows, if we end up stocking it you might just get a little present from us.

And don't be worried that were all style over substance. Like the products we retail, we aim to perform as well as we look and take our customer service and ability to deliver a hassle free (even enjoyable!) shopping experience for our customers very seriously. Let us know if there's something we can improve on.

Constantly evolving, never standing still (except when practising!)

the YOGA REBEL® team x