by Jess Dyer September 29, 2016


Makes approx. 400ml

 - 4 sticks celery

 - 3 carrots

 - 2 apples

 - ½ lemon, skin removed

 - ½ cucumber 

Wash all your ingredients and peel where instructed.

Juice them one by one in the order they are listed and serve chilled or enjoy over ice

Carrot, apple and celery is the dream combination, I usually throw in something fruity and citrusy so today in this recipe I have added some lemon, though oranges equally goes really well, and it just lifts up the flavours of the other fruit and veggies beautifully and makes it slightly lighter and sweeter in taste. 

Lemons and oranges mostly contain vitamin C, which is a water soluble vitamin/antioxidant found in many fruits and vegetables and is responsible for a lot of the health benefits found in the citrus fruit world. Vitamin C travels through our bodies in both the aqueous (fancy word for water-like) environments inside and outside our cells neutralising any free radicals that they meet on their travels. Free radicals are unstable molecules that damage and harm our healthy cells causing oxidative stress, which ultimately can cause harm to our hormones, blood vessels, proteins, lipids, and genetic code; causing cancer, inflammation, pain, degenerative diseases, heart disease, and ageing itself so it’s something we want to minimise and prevent wherever possible and having a diet rich in antioxidants is one of the ways to do this to give our body the raw materials so safeguard our cells.

Even though lemons and oranges are quite acidic, they have the opposite effect in the body, they’re alkalising. Potential renal acid load (PRAL) is the measurement of how much any particular food will produce more ammonium (acid) when metabolized. For example fish, cheese, eggs, meat, and grains are acidic because they have a high/positive PRAL value; whereas veggies, fruits, and lemons are considered to be alkaline because they have a negative PRAL value. There is a lot more evidence needed regarding alkaline vs. acid diets, although we can say we all can benefit from eating more alkaline foods for our health!

Jess Dyer
Jess Dyer


Passionate about health and founder of Jessipes (a health blog full of fun, healthy and delicious recipes and videos), nutritional therapist Jess has a mission to help people live in a body they love – calorie counting and dieting free.

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