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by Clean Beauty Co April 21, 2017

clean beauty coAs a fan of Yoga Rebel, you’ll obviously be on board with athleisure and no doubt your yoga pants are now a bigger part of your wardrobe than your jeans. But have you thought about making your beauty products work as hard as your workouts? Athleisure beauty is now an actual thing, and it’s unsurprising to see the beauty industry following in fashion’s footsteps, creating products specifically for the gals and guys who wanna lift weights with a flawless face. Beauty brands are now offering athleisure products as part of their ranges - mainly 
through a range of stay put makeup that promises to hold out through the sweat. Eyeko have developed an ultra waterproof sports mascara, whilst Tarte has launched an entire range dedicated to athleisure. We asked natural beauty brand Clean Beauty Co for their thoughts on athleisure beauty... Here at Clean Beauty Co, we’re dubious about getting on board with products that are designed to stay on your skin for that long because, quite frankly, we don’t wanna know what goes into it to achieve that staying power. For us, athleisure beauty is about making your beauty products work for your workout regime – strategically planning to ensure your skin looks great through the sweat, redness and occasional tear. It’s really important to ensure you cleanse thoroughly after working out, even if you’re heading straight home to shower (or not showering at all, but, eeewwww), the bacteria that your body has expelled through sweating can lead to break outs if not cleansed properly. We’re loving the stream of gentle face wipes that are popping up in the natural beauty market that promise quick cleansing and convenience, minus the harsh preservatives that many high street brands pump into their wipes. Simply Gentle’s wipes are made up of aloe, lavender and geranium, all of which are anti-inflammatory so whilst cleansing they’ll also help to reduce post-workout redness. RMS do a great wipe that’s basically all coconut oil which is naturally antibacterial – it’ll remove sweat as well as moisturise skin. Handy to keep in your gym bag, much lighter than lugging around a cleanser and provides an instant cleanse.
Take things a step further by beautifying whilst exercising. Screw taking an old towel into spin class, Konjac have come up with any even better alternative. Their sponges, made of French Clays and pure Charcoal from Bamboo, offer a deep cleanse using ingredients straight from the earth. Their Sports Sponge is genius – it comes in a pouch which ensures the sponge doesn’t dampen the rest of your gym kit – and is designed to be used either during or after exercise. Rather than simply moving around the sweat like a towel does, the sponge absorbs and gets rid of it, in turn clearing bacteria and stopping breakouts or inflamed skin.
On the subject of workout glow, we’re all about using our beauty products to prolong and enhance post-exercise shine. The boost of circulation caused by getting your sweat on helps oxygen and nutrients be delivered to your skin more rapidly which is exactly what causes the glow. It’s important to help reduce redness and inflammation that can often mask any benefits of exercising – i.e less of the beetroot tone, more of the babe gleam. Using products that have soothing properties will help to calm skin and reduce redness quickly. We love Suki’s Concentrated Clarifying Toner that has both lavender and chamomile which are both incredibly anti-inflammatory, as well as salicylic acid which will help keep skin clear. Aurelia’s Cream Cleanser has both chamomile and eucalyptus, both which will help to reduce redness and calm skin.
Finally, you can even use your beauty products to help speed up muscle recovery! John Master’s Rosemary and Arnica Body Milk targets muscle aches and soreness, so you’ll be able to get back in the gym sooner, and look damn fly while you’re at it.

Clean Beauty Co
Clean Beauty Co


Clean Beauty Co is a modern beauty brand, empowering people to take control of what they put on their skin. Founded by Elsie and Dominika in 2015, they believe in honest, transparent beauty that doesn’t compromise on quality. The pair are DIY beauty queens and regularly share beauty recipes, as well as holding beauty workshops in central London and selling a small range of their very best products. They released a DIY beauty book in January 2017.

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