DEATH BY JUICING!! - A True Story! OMG this story is hilarious...! A coupl...

by Urbanyoga July 19, 2013

DEATH BY JUICING!! - A True Story!

OMG this story is hilarious...!

A couple of days ago one of urbanyoga's founders (Greg) posted this on his Facebook page about an incident he and his partner Rachael (another urbanyoga founder) had whilst Juicing and after much pestering were pleased he's allowed us to share it with you all. Has had all of us in stitches! Totally Brilliant....Have a GREAT weekend everyone..xx

From's Gregs Page:
As if my already existing world of weirdness wasn’t weird enough, this morning it took a step further!

Over the years I have been woken by many things, some of them better than others, but this morning, and a beautiful morning at that, I was awoken to the dulcet tones of my partner Rachael screaming for a all she was worth as she was being attacked by the juicer! Yes folks you did read this right. Our Philips 800W ‘Maximum Juice. Minimum Fuss’ (!) juicer had spun out of control and had every intention of taking Rachael with it.

This is a new experience of waking from sleep for me I can assure you.

I’m not sure if it was the sound of the Juicers 800 watt motor screaming under the strain of the malfunction that was clearly taking place, the loud banging of the unit against the kitchen worktop as its powerful centrifugal forces launched it from one side to the next (despite Rachael’s best efforts to control it), the ever increasing plumes of smoke filling the house or Rachael’s cries for “Help!” that stirred me from my sleep, but I can say the combination of all of these things was a unique (although mildly exhilarating) way to welcome in the morning sunshine.

I suppose, like all of us, when you hear (and experience) something like this you don’t always react immediately. I mean, especially when you’ve been asleep you’re not entirely sure this weird array of warning signals are actually in the real world. It’s only when maybe you’ve heard 5 or 6 cries for help that your brain actually says “f*ck me there maybe something going on here…”

I’m unsure of the timescales involved but it was clearly long enough for Rachael to question “why the hell didn’t you come to help sooner”!

I mean, Jesus, I was asleep when this whole episode began so the very fact I managed to get to the kitchen within 60 seconds or so is amazing!

Luckily for Rachael, my delay in coming to her immediate help hadn’t been a complete disaster (either for her or the kitchen) and she managed to take control of the situation (and the wildly out of control Juicer) by cutting the power whilst still managing to keep the unit on the kitchen surface (!), thus putting it and Rachael out of their difficult positions. Disaster averted! Horray!

I’d put the success of this difficult power cutting whilst grappling with a death spinning juicer manoeuver down to Rachaels ‘core’ body strength built up over years of dedicated yoga practice which has now helped her in ways she never thought possible! Om Shanti!

After letting the juicer cool down, the smoke to dissipate and Rachael to gather her thoughts about the incident, it seems like a WAXED lime was the culprit, although I have to admit investigations are still ongoing. Being a juicing queen, Rachael always puts limes in whole (i.e skin too) into the juicer which for the most part is probably fine but on this occasion its skin proved too tough and then when it got stuck and Rachael tried to dislodge it (with the motor still running at full 800W speed!) it all got a bit messy.

I must admit though that once all the pieces started to come together I couldn’t stop laughing. All I really have are the sounds of the event as it unfolded lodged in my brain so my mind has had to put together the crazy scene that it must have been and it’s been making me laugh out loud all day! Thankfully it’s been the same for Rachael too!

At least we’ve found new ways to shed a few pounds from juicing although I’m sure it’s not what the manufacturers had in mind!



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