Bikram Yoga 6 Class Challenge raises thousands for Children in Need!

by Greg Watson November 18, 2011 1 Comment


So yesterday Rachael (co director of urbanyoga) and a great group of fellow yogi's took part in the Bikram 6 class challenge. That's 6 Bikram classes IN ONE DAY! 9 hours in total in a 40'C room doing demanding Bikram postures.

Well, they did it and betweeen them they raised a whopping £6,000 (and growing!) bag of cash for Children in Need. It's hard to believe that when this challenge was first being put together we thought £3,000 would be a big achievment (and probably hard to get) but through the dedication of everyone involved that intitial target was left standing early on!

So the roll call of those that did it follows:

Alice Low, Affiong Uffort, Bill Young, Carly Butcher, Agata Garbaczynska, Geraldine Sloan, Jo Horton, Andrew Jungwirth, Cat Koo, Kirsty Macdonald, Mari Griffiths, Marta Salmeron Antero, Ismari Mocke, Lisa Russell, Natalie Reid, Sherene Skinner, Michelle Varchione, Natasha Vieira, Charlotte Wellfare, Stella Karras, Merika, Jayne Braiden, Jason Cale, Tammy Keys, Alexandra Tukalska, Donna Noble, Tom Bonington, Chris Owen, Karen Paine & of course Rachael Myers!

Well done to those people mentioned above. You should all be very proud of both the feat you accomplished and importantly the money you raised to help vulnerable children in the U.K. Fantastic!

We still want people to donate if they haven't already so please head over to and donate what you can.

Well done again and thanks also to everyone who donated too!

Greg Watson
Greg Watson


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January 16, 2012

Stay with this guys, you’re helping a lot of pelope.

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