Bikram Yoga Challenge!

by Greg Watson November 02, 2011

A BIG challenge for a GREAT cause!

Dear urbanyogi's. On Thursday 17th November, Rachael (a co-director of urbanyoga) is taking on a mamoth yoga challenge to help raise funds for Children in Need. During this day she (along with some other foolhardy individuals!) will be completing 6 Bikram classes across 3 different Bikram studios and your support would be greatly appreciated.

For anyone that has ever done a single Bikram class you will know the total physical challenge that this is. In total, Rachael & Co will spend 9 hours doing Bikram in a room heated to 40'C!! Just think about that. 9 hours of Bikram!! If that wasn't enough in itself she's filling in any non studio time by doing an 'Aneka Rice' by scampering across London and doing it in 3 different Bikram Studios!!! There aren't any mountains to climb in London but this is one HUGE YOGA MOUNTAIN!!! As mentioned this is all in support of the Charity Children in Need who's aim is to make a positive change to the lives of disadvantaged children and young people right here in the UK. For every penny you give, a penny will go to children experiencing behavioural or psychological disorders; living in poverty or suffering through illness, distress, abuse or neglect. If ever there was a 'good cause' then this surely is it. Rachael has set up a 'Just Giving Page' to accept donations:
Any amount would be greatly received and of course ALL money goes direct to the charity. Also as an added incentive, anyone that donates will receive a discount code from urbanyoga giving you 5% off at urbanyoga until Children in Need 'Day' on the 18th Nov so potentially your donation will cost you nothing! Just leave a message on the Just giving page that your donation is for Rachael-urbanyoga and also a comment on our facebook page where this article is (or you can just e-mail us) and your code will be sent to you.
I really hope you can find a little (or even a lot) of money to give and hopefully change the lives of really vulnerable Children here in the U.K.
Thanks xx

Greg Watson
Greg Watson


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