The Yoga Show!

by Greg Watson October 08, 2011

So those of you that don't follow us on facebook ( here's a recent post we put up regarding our feelings on The Yoga Show which is on later this month:

So, urbanyoga is a new company. However the people involved aren't new to yoga. We made a commitment when we launched to not only be a great retailer but also to be fairly outspoken on our feelings about yoga in the U.K and not just sit on the fence as so many other companies do. It's a risky strategy, but one I hope will build us a loyal following of people that also share our views and values. We think the u.k yoga market is changing (for the better) but some parts are just so old fashioned and they need a makeover otherwise they'll be left behind. Yoga is opening up to so many new people in the U.K and we'd like to think we are part of a new breed of companies involved in the u.k yoga market that are helping making it more accessible and user friendly. We hadn't ever visited the yoga show before last year as it didn't really have an appeal to us as normal students. However as we were about to launch urbanyoga we felt that it was important to go and visit. I don't really know what it was we were expecting but what we were met with wasn't it. Visually it was horrendous. A hall full of plastic shell framed 'stalls' with people selling what seemed like tacky junk. Massage chairs, cheap jewellery and presented in a way that wasn't very appealing either. There were a few (and I mean a few, companies selling some nice stuff but it really was limited) At the edges of the hall were big open areas with mats on the floor and clearly here various classes took place, but again it looked bare and cold. No effort was made to soften the look and make it appealing, just a bit of roped off area and a bare exhibition hall wall and floor! It didn't seem to us as a great place to want to do yoga! A few of you that voted say it's a great place to try out new forms of yoga but I can't help but disagree. For us yoga has been as much about the teacher and environment as it is the style of yoga you practice. I really can't see how people can really appreciate this in this kind of environment as you lose out on 60% of the experience. And it's not that it's like you can only see these forms of yoga here. Across all the major cities and even regional towns, great studios are opening up with great teachers, offering their clients a huge variety of different yoga styles to try, you don't need an exhibition to experience it. The smell of all the fast food restaurants/food stalls in the hall didn't help either. The smell of chips, pizza and vegan burgers wasn't ever going to be the next room scent sought by yoga studios and treatment rooms! I don't want to criticise the teachers that got involved as I'm 100% confident that they're all brilliant and doing their absolute best. I'm also sure that all the business selling products are great too but some just seemed out of place there. I just felt that the organisers didn't manage the exhibitors, interactive elements, look & feel of the show very well and that's their responsibility. There is, or should be a yoga show if it's produced properly, but based on what we saw last year, this isn't it.

Greg Watson
Greg Watson


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