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by Greg Watson August 14, 2011


Well, what can I say? It's been a little while since our last blog and so it seemed right to update you on some developments!

hmmmm, where to start!?

Well, business has been going from strength-to-strength so thank you for all your support. We know you have a choice on where to shop so we're very greatful indeed. We work so hard on getting things right and to exceed your expectations on service so I hope that comes across and your shopping experience was a good one. Design wise our store continues to go out on a different slant. You've probably noticed the lack of pictures of waterlillies, waterfalls, sunsets and even people actually doing yoga! We'll we thought you'd probably seen anough of that already as it seems to be the constant theme on almost every website that has anything to do with yoga! Whilst all these images are great I sometimes feel like I'm being hit round the head with it and by offering people a place to 'escape' from it for a while (whilst still keeping things yoga) we hope it's a refreshing change.

Lots of new products have been added along with new brands. Carrott Banana & Peach have been one. In a market filled with mostly US brands its refreshing to have such a great U.K yoga clothing manufacturer that not only produces outstanding modern clothing but also manages to make these natural and ethically sourced. Looks like you guys have liked it too as its selling really well so expect our range on this to grow over the coming months. I've just seen the Utumn/Winter range too and it looks even better than the last.

Manduka haven't dissapointed either and in our mind are the foremost manufacturer of yoga accessories in the world. They've introduced a few new colour options on products this month and some other new ones are coming in a few weeks too! The Manduka Black Mat Pro remains a BIG seller and you all seem VERY happy with your purchases. I can't see how any manufacturer could make a better mat!

We've started looking at producing our own range of products too and are soucing suppliers as we speak. This isn't easy I can asssure you, but we'll get there. Expect to see some products early next year!

We always planned to expand our range of products to include some beauty products that we know our funky customers would be interested in and we've had some preliminary discussions with a couple of brands that we think fit our profile well so we shall see how this moves on over the coming weeks and hopefully we'll be able to bring you some cool news on this soon!

So that's about it for now. Do get in touch at info@urbanyoga.co.uk of via our facebook/twitter pages www.facebook.com/urbanyogalondon and let us know what you think and if you have any ideas on what you think we could do better! Your input will always be welcomed.

Greg Watson
Greg Watson


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