The Mastercleanse (Lemon Detox)

by Greg Watson May 09, 2011

So I (Greg) recently decided to cleanse the system and take on this 10 day 'Challenge' Have been updating daily progress on Facebook but thought I'd best add it to our site too for those of you that don't use it (and are interested!!). Started on 4th May 2011

Diary of a Mastercleanser!:
Don't know about you but I'm definitely guilty of drinking too much alcohol (daily!) and a Magnum Ecuador seems to be making a more regular appearance after dinner! In fact I realised I may have a problem when I was upset there wasn't one in the freezer! So with Summer well and truly here what better time than to (literally) knock it all on the head and de-toxify at the same time! Sounds good, but the only trouble is you can't eat anything for 10 days and your only intake is a lemon and maple syrup drink sprinkled with Cayenne pepper!! (actually it doesn't taste as bad as it sounds) Some people swear by this and do it twice a year and report (if you stick with it) you feel fantastic and full of energy. Well, I fancy a bit of that so lets see if it can be done by an ordinary bloke who "doesn't do diets!"
DAY 1 : Check In. No I'm not at the airport doing a runner (!) but thought I would head down to boots to do the 'Weigh in' thing to see what my weight and BMI etc was. Probably a good thing I am a man as most women wouldn't share this info publicly but I have no shame so here you go!....WEIGHT: 13st 4lbs, BMI: 27.7 Body Fat: 23.2% Interested to see how this changes by the end! The rest of the day passes with ease (surprisingly!) Thought I'd be craving something, but no. I think keeping busy helps as if I had time to start thinking about a cold glass of beer on a Sunny afternoon then that wouldn't help! (or am i doing it already!)
Day 2: Now been over 48 hours since I last had something to eat! Today has certainly been a 'tale of two halves'. Not that I've ever had my head in a vice before, I imagined what it might feel like when I opened my eyes this morning! Not really a headache but constant pain that wasn't overly pleasant. I've read this could be the 'Toxins' leaving my body or even simple 'de-hydration' (or even cold turkey from not having any alchohol!) so I got up and made myself a lemon drink! (Juice of 1/2 lemon, 2 spoons of Maple Syrup, pinch of Cayenne pepper and mineral water) Pain stayed until early afternoon and then faded away (which was handy!) The rest of the day has been fine. Surprisingly I still have loads of energy (although fading a bit now!) and don't feel particularly hungry either. Mind you cooking a butchers sausage and hand cut chips for my little boys dinner tonight did make my mouth water....I truly haven't ever seen a more beautiful sausage and chips and a dollop of ketchup (reduced salt & sugar!) in my life!! Mmmmmm Anyway, all good, I resisted temptation, day 3 next!
Day 3: Three days without food! Today has been a breeze. Not had any trouble at all, although my partner Rachael said I was looking 'shifty'! I suppose at moments you do feel a bit spaced out but then it goes. Mouth has started to 'fur' up and tastes a bit weird. Not sure if this is a temporary thing or with me for the duration! Bed has felt EXTREMELY comfortable over the last few days which is also a bit weird, not that my bed isn't comfy normally it's just more so at the moment! Looking forward to day 4!
Day 4: Another day gone! It's kind of weird to describe how I feel because I really don't feel hungry but at the same time I've got a picture of a juicy Burger and chips in my head several times a day! The lemon drink is still going down well and I've managed to turn the job of making it into a little treat. Obviously I have to measure the Maple Syrup on a spoon and as a result it needs licking! Trouble is, I'm accidentally-on-purpose leaving more and more syrup on the spoon each time I do it, and at this rate, I'll be glugging it straight from the bottle by day 6!
Day 5 (Half way!): Easiest day so far!! Yesterday I thought about food alot, but today I feel completely normal, and it's been 5 days since my last meal! I'm really quite amazed. Previously if I'd missed breakfast or it got to 2.30pm and I hadn't had lunch I'd be starving, and here I am not feeling hungry after all this time. My partner Rachael says she can see a difference. Not sure if I can, but it's starting to really make me question the amount of food I eat that I really don't need to be eating. Lets not forget the booze here either. Normally I can't go a day without having a drink (beer at lunch, wine at night) but again I'm not missing it! Will definately be cutting this down by over 50% if not more when I return to my normal life again! So, I hope this keeps up as if it does then it'll make the next few days a doddle...
Day 6: I'm pleased to say that yesterday wasn't a one off and today has been another easy ride. WIth it being the weekend (kids at home, sport on TV) I thought it might be a bit hard, but I think I must have truly turned the corner. I've even been discussing keeping going AFTER the 10 days!!! Hasn't even been an issue preparing/cooking food for the family either! Rachael has been encouraging me to go and weigh myself but I want to hold off for as long as possible just in case I start to flag and then it may act as an incentive to keep things going! To be honest this was never about losing weight anyway, it was more about detoxing and changing bad habits built up over the years, and I really think it's going to achieve that.
Day 7: Back to work. Monday is always busy, dealing with orders from the weekend, booking couriers etc etc but I've felt great all day. Without a doubt I'm a bit confused by all this, as I shouldn't really be able to talk, never mind feel good should I? I mean I haven't eaten in a week!!!! I know I've got this lemon, maple syrup thing but it's not the most substantial of energy inputs (certainly not compared with a Magnum Ecuador!) I really thought I'd be dribbling at the mouth at his time and I'm not. Still not even feeling hungry! The only thing I sort of miss is the social aspect of preparing/cooking and then eating food, which I'm not doing at the moment. After a busy day, dinner time is something to look forward too and I supose I do miss that. However this was only 10 days out of my normal (bad) routine so it's a small price to pay. Lets hope this good feeling lasts till then end, only 3 days to go!
Day 8: Today is the first day that I think I've started to see a difference in my body, which is interesting! Not seen my "Six Pack" for a long time now (swapped it for a keg many years ago!) but definate signs of a re-appearence showing! Again today has been fine in terms of not feeling hungry but I think the monotony of drinking the same drink again and again and again and again (even though it is still tasting good) is getting to me a bit. FOr the first time in a few days I'm now actually looking forward to the end and talking with Rachael about what I'll be cooking. We've even booked a babysitter on Saturday night so we can go out for a nice meal to celebrate my "mastercleanse graduation"!!!! Getting a bit aprehensive too about the weigh in at the end. What if I've only lost 2 lbs or 1% body fat? Already agreed now that at the end of the challenge we won't drink alchohol at home anymore (unless we're having friends round etc) and that on it's own will cut our booze intake down by about 90% !! I know now I can deal with 'life' without it! Just 2 more days........
Day 9: All good again today! I think I feel great. Probably feel even better with the thought that I've nearly completed the challenge. Brain working great too. Was feeling particularly creative today so reworked some images for the urbanyoga website which I've already loaded up and I think look great! Have bags of energy, don't feel hungry either and I have no idea why. I mean, 9 days without food you'd think I'd be STARVING but I'm just not. Maybe after the first couple of days your body just gives up on wasting energy in trying to tell you to eat! Had a coconut water today to give me a little treat and variety to my liquid intake and it was truly wonderful. Just finished watching the programme with Antonio Carluccio and Gennaro going round Italy and sampling the food!! WOW. ALthough not hungry in the normal way I AM really looking forward to eating. As I'm writing this I've already started my last day!. 8pm tomorrow night marks the 10 full days. I intend to have food ready for 8.01pm!!!
Day 10: THE FINAL DAY! Well done me! As someone who's never done anything like this in my life I'm a bit surprised I completed it! The whole day was so easy again. Probably the thought that at 8pm it would be complete helped too but strangely as that time got closer I really thought about keeping it going! I've heard that some people who do this also feel like this too and it is a bit bizzarre. Had been wondering what to eat as my first food back for a couple of days and really wanted something hot and spicy to liven up my mouth that has not been excited with anything in 10 days. You're meant to have a day of orange juice followed by a day of veg soup but I couldn't be bothered with that! I chose a curry! As my 10 days finished at 8pm I knew I couldn't weigh myself in without 'damaging' the results because of me eating so to cover this I went for a weigh in on the morning of my last day (so still a bit of weight loss to go!) and to say I was left speachless with the results would be an understatement!
THE RESULTS: Before I put the results down I suppose it makes sense to set the scene a little and to put things in context for people. I started this programme predominantly to get myself out of a regular daily drinking cycle and to try flush out the bad habbits of Magnum Ecuadors' appearing after every meal. Cleansing or detoxing the system is also what I needed. As for the weight loss side that was just an added benefit. When I began this 'challenge' I was 13st 4lbs (84.7kg) which for a man, isn't that bad. If you saw me you'd say I looked 'normal' but as with most 'normal' men I would still be happy to loose a bit of weight! During the entire challenge I have not gone to the gym, yoga studio, steam room or anywhere else similar but basically gone about my daily routine of running our business and looking after my family! So, my weigh in came back with the following reults.......:
WEIGHT: 12st 6lbs (a loss of 12lbs of 5.4kg!)
BMI: 25.9 (down from 27.7!) 
BODY FAT: 20.1% (Down from 23.2%!)
In under 10 days without ever going to a gym or working out I've lost over 2 bags of potatoes in body fat!!!!! Next time your in the supermarket pick up 2 x 2.5kg bags of potatoes and that's what I've lost in FAT. I am truly gobsmacked! Totally blown away by this. With results like this I don't know why anyone would do any other weight/loss or detox programme. It's early stages still for me but I really think this programme has totally transformed my outlook on food and drink. I LOVE food, but eating sensibly and intelligently is the way forward. I love a good drink, but drinking out of habit or for the sake of it is now not part of my agenda (please don't confront me if you see me enjoying a beer outside a pub!) I feel absolutely great. For me day 2 was the hardest and I did feel a little spaced out at times during days 1-4 but from day 5 onwards it was soooooo easy I can't tell you. So there we have it. TOTALLY unbelievable results. I'm really pleased I did it. Chuffed I finished it and truly amazed with the results. I have no idea if I've been rabbelling on to myself these last 10 days or if people have been following my progress, but if you have and you've been considering doing this programme, DO IT! xx

Greg Watson
Greg Watson


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