by Greg Watson April 26, 2011

I'm not one for the 'text' abreviations, but to be honest it was needed. I can't quite believe the response our website has got in it's short life so far. Only days over a month old and we've already had to put in 'extra' orders with our suppliers for certain items (the Manduka Superlite Yoga mats were selling like hotcakes just before Easter!!) Not that I'm complaining! But I think we thought things would be build up a little more slowly than they did.

Really grateful too for all the other peole who've been in contact (some of which selling us their services, which is great too!) but all saying how cool they thought our urbanyoga website looked and appreciated our 'take' on things! We know you can't please all the people all of the time but if we can please a few of you (and it looks like we have) then we're really happy for that!

We always wanted to make shopping with us as easy as possible and that included taking a good look at delivery charges which can be a bit of a pain. So as you've probably seen we've introduced FREE SUPERSAVER DELIVERY on all U.K orders over £50. We've also got a NEXT DAY delivery option too for only £5.95 which is just great (even if we do say so ourslves!)

Still go so many thing in the pipeline to take the urbanyoga website to new levels so make sure you check back regularly (even if you're not looking to buy something!)

As we always say, please, please, please drop us an e-mail at with any sugestions likes/dislikes you have about our site or products you'd like to see us stock. We really do care and want to give you the things you want! You can of course contact us through twitter or Facebook too.

So thanks to all our urbanyoga customers so far and we look forward to welcoming many more urbanyogi's from around the world!


Greg Watson
Greg Watson


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