Where's the yoga clothes!

by Greg Watson March 26, 2011

Well, website is live but for the 'eagle-eye'd' amongst you you will have noticed there isn't any yoga clothes! Yep, we're still waiting! Essentially the problem's been the timing of our website launch i.e slap bang in the middle of new seasons changeover, so essentially most people were sold out of their current products and were waiting for the introduction of the new yoga collections. We could have taken a few items here and there but we thought it would be best to wait 'till we can introduce a decent amount and give you the opportunity to buy a complete outfit if you wanted!

So, we're really pleased to have hooked up with prana clothing and should be expecting our first delivery from them in the next couple of weeks! Bra tops, Hot yoga shorts, Capri's all on their way! Been speaking with Zobha too and if we can get the items we want then we'll be adding these too. They seem to work the best part of a year in advance so we're already looking at our stock for 2012!!

There's a few others that we're discussing options with (some of which were flagged up by our recent customers, so thanks for that) A bit too early to mention names but the quality of clothing they produce is outstanding and not readily available here in the U.K.

We truly want to bring quality yoga clothing options to all the urban yogi's across the U.K. There's some gorgeous yoga clothing being produced but it seems outside of California its really hard to get and no-one's has had the decency of bringing it over here, so we'll happily do it!

Top yoga clothing showing here soon!!!

Greg Watson
Greg Watson


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