One small step for man......One giant leap for urbanyoga!

by Greg Watson March 22, 2011

So, finally the website is launched. I feel like it's a bit like having a new child! You know, you had a silly idea while drunk (about 9 months ago!) and that night started something, a process that just kept growing! Over the months you went for check-ups and felt nervous but excited at the same time, the idea growing by the week, and then you have this date to work towards! It's hard work, you feel exhuasted at times (and I'm the DAD!). You go out and buy all the things you think you'll need (some you will, most you don't!) and then the day is suddenly here and you think, "Am I ready yet!?" "Could do with a few more weeks to be honest!" "Still so much to sort out!" And then it happens...your beautiful child is born!! And "isn't she beautiful!" We'll, all parents think their kids are don't they! I suppose like children too this business will take some investment for it to achieve what we hope for that when we can look after us!!



Greg Watson
Greg Watson


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