Offensive images?

by YOGA REBEL January 31, 2015

Today when we logged into Facebook we were greeted with a warning! We were told that they had removed a recent post (one that had over 1,500 'likes') as it showed a woman doing a handstand and it was offensive (apparently). We can't even locate the original shot as it was deleted from our picture files but it was very similar to this one...

I'd like to know what it is that's offensive in this picture? What is upsetting about it? 

Is the naked form of the human body and offence to people these days? Are pictures like this harmful to people (of any age)? I see a LOT of questionable content on facebook which lots of people are likely to be offended by, but this? Really?

Facebook even said that if we were to do it again they would "suspend our account"!!!

On the whole we love facebook and the way it allows us and other people to communicate to such a wide global audience but surely this decision is bizarre?

So, we'll post this and other pictures like it here. On our blog. 

There's nothing to be ashamed of to be upset by the human body. It's a beautiful thing thing when we look after it. It's a miricle.

Shame on you facebook.....





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